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Dubai EXPO 2021

Being the world’s first expo in the middle east, south Asia, and Africa, and hence the whole world is looking forward as to what this expo will bring to the legacy of Dubai. This platform considered to give massive exposure to the economy of Dubai, along with fostering creativity and encourage innovations.

EXPO 2020 Dubai UAE
What is EXPO? 

This is an event for expanding information about the world’s latest innovations. It is organized every five years for six months showcasing the inventions from the industrial revolution.
What is EXPO?
The last expo was held in Milan in 2015, with the theme of “ Feeding the planet energy of life” with a focus on using solar trees and energy-saving elevators, which seems to be beneficial for high rise buildings, especially in countries like UAE.

milano expo 2015

Role Of Dubai
Dubai won the hosting with two years of continuous efforts and hard work. It will host the event with the theme named “Connecting minds, Creating the Future” to produce solutions to the global issues which demand worldwide cooperation.

role of DUBAI in EXPO 2020

Location of EXPO
It will be held in the area of Dubai south near Al. Maktoum International Airport.

location of DUBAI EXPO 2020

What will be the legacy of this event

1. This will add approximately $23 billion, which amounts to around 24% of the GDP and 277,000 jobs generation.
2. Development in Dubai economy with specialized technologies, industries, and others
3. Siemens has already announced to set up global logistic space at the location of the expo site from 2021.
4. UBER has announced the testing of flying cars in EXPO 2021 and got into an agreement with Dubai roads and transport authority.

legacy of EXPO 2020 Dubai
Effects after business setup
1. As residential and commercial real estate prices expected to shoot up before 2021 expo, this would be of great advantage for business setup in Dubai.
2. Expo 2021 will give extraordinary changes to the infrastructure industry. This will eventually be beneficial for long term economic development.
3. This will give a clear picture of the long term goals of the Dubai economy.
4. The Expo event, even after its closing, will ensure continuous economic and infrastructure growth along with foreign investments.

effects after Dubai EXPO 2020

Hence, one must move ahead with the plans of business setup in Dubai which will be fruitful in the coming years.