Offshore Company Setup in Dubai UAE
Offshore Company Setup in Dubai UAE

Offshore Company Setup in Dubai UAE

The Goldman LLC Group is a leading offshore business service provider with offices in Dubai. Our core services include business consultancy, formation of offshore companies and business, asset protection through offshore companies and account and option of settling permanently in European countries by the means of investments there. With such global structures with Goldman, we help our clients take advantage of international legislation to protect and multiply their wealth. To achieve this, we are committed to the highest standards of privacy.

Based on our years of close partnership with banks and asset managers, in all major financial centers of the world, we assist our client’s comprehensive services for business formation, investment and asset protection, professional and expert consulting and fiduciary services. We support clients in acquiring well established companies or establishing new offshore companies and business at most of the offshore locations with complete financial management services in jurisdictions like Cyprus Liechtenstein, Switzerland, UK, Seychelles, British Virgin Islands, Belize, Anguilla, Hong Kong to mention just a few through our central home location.

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Offshore Company Types
Offshore Business Setup Dubai

  • International Business Company (IBC) – These are offshore business companies that enjoy a statutory tax exemption in the jurisdiction of incorporation
  • Low Tax Offshore Company’s These are offshore companies found in offshore jurisdictions that enjoy a low statutory or effective rate of taxation (e.g. Seychelles CSL)
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC) – The LLC is a fiscally transparent company that allows income and tax liability to pass through to its members
  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) – This is a fiscally transparent entity that may be operating without attracting tax in the jurisdiction of formation
  • Onshore cum Offshore Company – These are companies that are incorporated in jurisdictions that either have a territorial tax regime or that offer some other incentives whereby the company can be used as a means to achieve a low overall effective rate of taxation. Popular examples are Switzerland, Malta.
Offshore Company Uses
Offshore Company Setup

  • Personal services company
  • Professional services company/consulting company
  • Offshore trading company for relaxed routing
  • Offshore investment company for managing funds
  • Copyright or royalties or patent holding company
  • Overseas property holding company
  • International holding company offshore Holding company
  • Intermediate holding company
  • Special Purpose Vehicle/Entity (SPV/SPE)

We offer a bucket of business setup services and you have the option to choose what you need. We do not offer bundles amplified out with unwanted documents or services to justify a demanding price. This system offers significant savings to our offshore customers and those who subscribe with us. We do not make any surprise charges, and you get what you expect to receive.

How to Set Up an Offshore Business Company in United Arab Emirates

It’s not complicated to form an offshore company or go forward with the idea of business setup. An offshore company can offer many benefits and advantages that would otherwise be impossible without it. With the rise of globalization, setting up an offshore company or off shore business setup has become even more beneficial and easier to accomplish. As an owner you should understand the law of an offshore area and company and decide which place and type of offshore company will be best suited for your business. Some of the favorite offshore destinations of the world include Anguilla, Seychelles, Belize, The British Virgin Islands, Cyprus, Denmark, Dominica, Gibraltar, Ireland, Hong Kong, The Netherlands, Nevis, New Zealand, Seychelles, Singapore, Panama, The Marshall Islands, The United States of America(Delver) and The United Kingdom. The benefits to gain from an offshore company will always depend on the jurisdiction of the offshore company and to a certain extent; it will also depend on the laws of the country of residence of the company’s owner. It is therefore necessary that you not only pay attention to the offshore jurisdiction but also consider your local laws to make sure that every step you take for business setup is in line of with the law.

The U.S.A. and the UK are interesting jurisdictions for an offshore company formation, for non-resident individuals who are not really interested in tax havens but rather want to make use of the other benefits of formation of an offshore firm and mainly more security.

Offshore bank accounts Setup

Dubai in United Arab Emirates is strategically placed as an offshore center uniting the business worlds of the Europe, Far East and Africa. The banks offer convenience, security and variety of Islamic and Non-Islamic banking options, while Dubai and other cities of United Arab Emirates are also known for both economic and political stability. Standard & Poor’s credit rating for the United Arab Emirates stands at AA with stable viewpoint. Moody’s credit rating for the UAE was last set at Aa2 with stable viewpoint. Fitch’s credit rating for the United Arab Emirates was last reported at AA with stable viewpoint hence we can consider very stable country in world as second highest major rating.

There are many offshore Zone Like – DIFC, Ajman, RAK ICC, JAFJA and SHAMS has made the emirate of to a tempting destination in world and the offshore banking business has prospered at extreme pace in last couple of year.

Offshore services are for persons living and/or working abroad who want a safe haven with zero tax for their earnings. Opening an offshore bank account in business hub can be done in a relatively short time without too many complications. There is no fund transfer restrictions as there is no exchange control by government therefore offshore banking in Dubai allows real flexibility in formation of company. Either corporate or private offshore banking account can be opened, depending on the needs of the client. Offshore banking has achieved a significantly high level of secrecy and it offers safe offshore bank accounts. All transactions can be handled via online banking from all over the world.

Taxation is strategically conceived creating very good conditions for offshore banking business. There is no tax on interest, investment income, capital gains, or inheritance, therefore client can take advantage of global investment opportunities in business formation. Once you have made a list of your needs, considered the fees and rates and decided what kind of offshore banking services you are looking for it is advisable to study what the Dubai banks offer.

Offshore banks provide a wide range of banking services. They will include all the services that a domestic bank offers, as well as the added benefit of an offshore bank account is that it often provides higher interest rates. The offshore financial services offer the storage of liquids, money transmission, exchange of different currencies, credit, investment, trade finance, corporate administration and fund management.

Goldman consultancy provides the best business formation services. We work with experts who have complete knowledge in this domain. We have contacts with lawyers and other experts who are aware with the norms related to setting up a business in United Arab Emirates. We will assist and help you in business registration as much as possible. We will assist you in getting the banking formalities and other documentation done for you. Registration of business in Dubai is easy and convenient but you need to have knowledge about the procedures and the norms related. Our consultants will help you in getting your business registration done.

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