Cyprus passport Citizenship by Investment Scheme
Cyprus passport Citizenship by Investment Scheme

Cyprus passport Citizenship by Investment Scheme

Cyprus being present in the heart of Mediterranean and at the crossroads of Africa, Europe, and Asia has now been one of the most preferred locations for traveling and working beyond the European Union. The economy is gradually overcoming from the recession-era through the development in the field of tourism, shipping, legal and financial services with surge FDI in property and investment values.

The government of Cyprus has launched various initiatives to attract the investments in various sectors including Real Estate. It has provided various incentives to drive foreign direct investment. One of the most popular initiatives is Cyprus passport citizenship investment scheme.

Citizenship investment scheme provides full Cypriot citizenship to those who invest more than EUR 2 million in real estate along with certain other requirements. Those successful members would then be given the right to work, reside and study in all 28 EU member countries.

Cyprus is the only European country offering immediate citizenship through investment in real estate. This is as of now is the fastest way of getting EU passport within 6 months.

Qualifications for Cyprus citizenship passport investment scheme

  • Possess a valid passport
  • No criminal record
  • Main applicants property is not frozen within the EU boundaries
  • Be a resident before granting the citizenship
  • Own a residence in the Republic of Cyprus with a value of at least EUR 500,000+ VAT
  • In case of investment in only residential properties, the amount must be EUR 2 million with one of the property being priced at least EUR 500,000

Why Cyprus?

Along with the advantage of its strategic location, Cyprus provides various business investment opportunities. The benefits of Cyprus program are:-

  • Fast track approval procedure for the applicants within 3 months.
  • Concurrently submitting the application for residency and citizenship
  • One visit every seven years is the only requirement. No physical residency proof is required.
  • No language barrier
  • Civil unions are eligible to submit applications
  • Parents if own a house valued at EUR 500,000+ VAT or having a share in the property of the main applicant equivalent to EUR 500,000 are qualified to get the citizenship.
  • Free trade and low tax rate within the EU
  • No need to renounce the current nationality
  • Attainment of a right to property in EU member states
  • Strategic location forming a connection between EU, North Africa, the Middle East with direct access to the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Population under 5 million and is the safest country in the world
  •  Excellent travel destination
  • Top end healthcare facilities and educational system benefits
  • Unrestricted right to work, live and study in all 28 EU member states

For availing the benefits of Cyprus citizenship by investment program, certain investment options are given below:-

1. Real estate, Land development or infrastructure Project A minimum of EUR 2 million as an investment in purchase or construction of land development projects, buildings or infrastructure projects is required by the applicant

2. Purchase, creation or participation in Cypriot business or companies A minimum investment of EUR 2 million in purchase, participation or creation of business or companies based or operating in Cyprus is required by the applicant. These companies must employ at least 5 citizens of Cyprus or EU.

3. Investment in financial assets of Cypriot organization or companies A minimum amount of EUR 2 million is needed to be invested in Cypriot organization or companies. This comprises of inclusion of securities, bonds or debentures issued in the interest of the Republic of Cyprus. Investors must maintain the assets for a period of 3 years. They can also take the help of agents to get the complete details of each and every aspect of investment in financial assets.

4. Combination investment Applicants can also invest in the combination of the above 3 mentioned options but the combination must fulfill the criteria of at least EUR 2 million for investment.

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