EB5 Permanent Residency Visa
EB5 Permanent Residency Visa

US Green Card by Investment Scheme

EB 5 Visa USA

USA is one of the most favorable and important business destinations to start your career with. Being one of the most developed nations USA not only provides various business and investment opportunities but also provides US citizenship through its US green card by investment scheme and issuance of EB-5 Green card VISA to the immigrant or investor.

What is EB5 VISA USA

It was first introduced in 1990, EB-5 permanent residency is one of the program that grants maximum of 10,000 visas per year to foreign investors in lieu of their investment in American business.

The requirements under eb5 visa for USA are that the investor or immigrant must invest atleast $500,000 in US business in a locality of high unemployment or $1,000,000 anywhere in US, as long as it creates minimum ten full time jobs for qualifying US citizen.

Benefits of USA EB-5 VISA

  • Your children or the significant can apply under the same visa application can also apply to the college at in-state resident cost.
  • After 5 years of receiving US citizenship under US citizenship investment scheme, you will be eligible to become US citizen without any sponsorship.
  • The investors can also work for any employer at any organization, without the having to worry about leaving at regular intervals.
  • The investors can work at any location and at any position without any worry.

Why use EB-5 permanent resident visa program?

USA EB-5 investor visa gives opportunity to the investors or immigrant to invest in business opportunities in USA. This EB5 permanent residency visa program not only provides job opportunities to the Americans and also to the foreign investors but also provides immigrating investors the opportunity to live, work or retire anywhere in US.

Why US EB5 VISA consultants?

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