Cypriot Passport Agents in Dubai UAE
Cypriot Passport Agents in Dubai UAE

Cyprus Passport, Cypriot Passport Agents in Dubai UAE

Things to know about Cyprus

Cyprus has been one of the most attractive business setup destinations along with the residence. This is the fifth safest country in the world and safest in European Union by value Penguin 2015), Cyprus consists of 25% of its investors in real estate along with foreign investors and is a driving destination for real estate investment. Investors can take the advantage of Cyprus if looking forward to set up a real estate business. Getting an opportunity to invest in Cyprus EU would be the lifetime opportunity one can have.

  • Unique strategic location
  • Healthcare and education at high standard
  • Mediterranean lifestyle
  • First grade tourism infrastructure with top end infrastructure
  • High standard airports which majorly connects all the destinations
  • Incentives in the domain of property taxation in EU
  • Zero inheritance tax
  • Zero transfer fees
  • Zero property tax
  • Low property gain tax
  • For first property purchase VAT policy with 5% reduced rate.

With bright and positive future concerned with exclusive economic zone, creation of the largest European casino and significant gas reserves, Cyprus will contribute significantly to the growth of its economy. The island has established itself with renowned name in the field of four international golf courses and with some more to come in future. These are created and further plans have been approved for more to give a big push to its tourism industry. It has been becoming popular for integrated luxury yachting marinas attracting new segment of world class tourist and investors.

Cyprus EU Citizenship and Permanent Residency Programmes

Today the island offers the fastest, simplest programmes to grant EU citizenship and permanent residency options through property investment.Cypriot passport by investing in the property is therefore a good option one can opt. Obtaining Cyprus passport is not a very cumbersome process.

Cyprus Passport by Investment Consultant in Dubai UAE

Citizenship in Cyprus EU

  • Valid for life
  • Travel to 158 countries with Visa free facility
  • Whole family coverage including the dependents and the parents of the investor
  • € 2 million (+ VAT) as minimum property investment
  • Within 6 months gets issued with pre approval to be issued in 3 months
  • Free to travel, work and live within European Union

Permanent Residence in Cyprus

  • Can be issued within 2 months
  • € 300,000 (plus vat) as minimum property investment
  • Easy access within the European Union
  • Whole family coverage including dependents and parents of the main applicant and spouse
  • Lifetime validity

Contact us for more information regarding Cyprus Permanent Residency process through investment and get bright future in Cyprus. Foreigners who are looking to buy passport or want to know the cost of investing in Cyprus for investment purpose have queries to be answered then contact our agents. One can have a query on how to renew passport who are already passport holders or scheme on investment, 6 months process or long. Want to renew passport and get information on scheme available. Call our consultants or visit our office.