Business Setup in Dubai Freezone
Business Setup in Dubai Freezone

Freezone Business Setup in Dubai

There are various factors to be considered in choosing a Freezone

  • No corporate tax for 50 years, after which you can renew your contract for an additional 50 years.
  • Reasonable renewal fees for company formation
  • Business confidentiality is strictly maintained
  • You are allowed to choose multiple banks and have multiple currency accounts.
  • Value Added Tax (VAT) does not apply if you are not dealing with the mainland.
  • You are allowed to apply for a resident visa.
  • You can wind up business at your ease.
  • Your business can have 100% foreign ownership (no local partner or sponsor required)
  • Many Free Zones allow you to operate multiple activities under one business.
  • It’s much easier to run recruitment procedures, issue work permits, and obtain any necessary visas.


Because our operation model here at Goldman Consultancy completely revolves around transferring our knowledge and keeping our clients up to date with the latest business trends, updates, and news, we always strive to keep our clients informed about each and every decision they make, no matter big or small.

Many clients often come to Goldman Consultancy with a set of questions: How do I set up my freezone business in Dubai? Where should I set up my freezone business in Dubai? And what are the pros and cons of the different choices that I have revolving around freezone businesses in Dubai?

In most cases, it can be very simple and straightforward to make a decision, even if you have hundreds of more questions. There are lots of things to discover, but with our expert team at Goldman Consultancy, it will be a smooth process.

If you are considering starting a freezone business in Dubai, then you should keep in mind that there are various benefits to be considered in choosing a Freezone

The word “free zone” itself is very expressive of the nature of working in such an area. A Free zone is a designated area where businesses can perform their activities freely within a minimalistic regulatory framework where the progress of such businesses is not slowed down due to the fact that they don’t have to spend any time worrying about taxes, ownership issues, and import/export issue related with the customs department. All of these procedures and fees that regular businesses struggle with are usually a cause for slowing down businesses and driving up the products’ prices. It can often be discouraging, especially if you are starting a new business. This is why a free zone is important. If you want to be able to run your business with no interference from the customs department for goods manufacturing, structuring, reconfiguring, or if you want to export goods without bounding of paying duties, then operating in the free zone makes a lot of sense for you and especially eCommerce.

More Information about Dubai and UAE Free Zones

There are more than 48 Free Zones operating in UAE. Still, few are very flexible and relaxed regarding business formation or facilitating starting a company with the unique benefit of obtaining a residency permit for you and your family.

There are many reasons this constitutes a good opportunity for young entrepreneurs and ambitious capital owners. According to The Economist Intelligence Unit’s index, Abu Dhabi and Dubai can be found in the top ten safest cities globally. Out of 48 free zones in UAE, Dubai is home to the freest zones, which aligns with the city’s identity as a groundbreaking area for businesses and entrepreneurs to take their first steps. The Dubai and Abu Dhabi free zones are mostly industry and services specified to ease the operation of your business requirement and service you better.

Free zones in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are designed to facilitate smooth, efficient operation through minimizing logistical costs in addition to exemptions from taxes and customs. This is why Free Zones in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are exclusively planned around one or more business industry categories. The free zone only offers licenses to companies within those same categories. An independent Free Zone Authority is responsible for governing each Free Zone. It is the agency responsible for issuing Foreign Trade Zones or Free Zone Establishment operating licenses and assisting companies with the procedures of establishing their business.

Benefits of Starting a Business in UAE Free Zones:

Free Zone is a term that is used interchangeably with “Free Trade Zone,” and they refer to the same entity. Free zone or Free Trade Zone is an area made specifically for the fulfillment of the goal of encouraging the start of new, fresh businesses and the encouragement of investors to pour their capitals into these promising companies. It does that efficiently and smoothly by providing 100% ownership to emigrants or foreign nationals who start their businesses in this particular Freezone, all while equipping them with a single-window for their process and activities and a fixed, straightforward set of hassle-free administration procedures.

In some circumstances, these free zones can be associated with sports or industry. There is also no ownership of business or participation in business activities by agents or local partners in a free zone. Each Free zone is governed by its own internal regulatory framework, which is responsible for setting customs and import rules. This is important because it provides flexibility to have suitable rules for each free zone area depending on things like its location, the kinds of industries it is involved with, and its size.

Once you open your business in Dubai, whether you are in a free zone or not, you still have certain advantages related to this particular location, since Dubai and UAE are homes to a very welcoming atmosphere for new businesses and fresh, innovative ideas. The free zone is only one of the many plus sides you get when you start your business here as it gives your business the opportunity to grow and showers it in benefits. For us here at Goldman Consultancy, the business formation procedures have a lot of significance in Dubai and UAE. They have always been two of the most loved locations to open a business, and the registration process guarantees that you get to enjoy their many benefits.

As you have read above, the UAE has a total of 45 free zones, 20 of which are in Dubai alone. Each free Zone in Dubai caters to a different business category, which means that there are ample business start-up opportunities waiting for you. Registration can be done with the help of our team of consultants at Goldman Consultancy, who are experienced in every minute detail of registering your business in your chosen location. Registration has to be done after careful analysis of the whole location and the future aspect, which we are also happy to assist you with.

Today, the world of business is highly dynamic and continuously changing. To safeguard yourself as much as possible against those changes, you have to start considering registering your business in a free zone. Now more than ever, the world is ready for entrepreneurs and small businesses to take over! At Goldman Consultancy, we hold a set of very concrete beliefs that have allowed us to build a good and lasting reputation in the market. Our most important belief is that any business or idea can change the world, no matter how small. And our mission is to support you while doing that.

Why Choose Goldman Consultancy as your partner in setting up a business in the Free Zone?

Investors can either register a new company in the form of a free zone establishment or simply establish or set up a branch or representative office of their existing or parent company that is either based in the UAE or abroad. A free zone establishment often is a limited liability company, which is governed by the rules and regulations of the free zone authority of the free zone on which it is established.

With its professional and skill-diverse team, Goldman Consultancy can help you get all the information you need regarding business formation and procedures and doing business right with valuable assistance that you will receive with the help of consultants and experts who operate on a case by case basis. Our experts and consultants will assist you in various aspects of business setting up a process, its cost, registration, required documents, industry category of the free zone, and other useful information. At Goldman Consultancy, we realize the importance of optimizing your situation as a business owner, which is why we always share all the details with our clients.

We also realize that cost is one of the major factors which drives a business. Hence choosing a free zone that is a perfect match for your business is our top priority. In addition to having business and economics consultants, we also have a team of dedicated experts from several professions and fields that help us make the right, most convenient decisions. We are also keen on finding ideas which have an economical cost and provide good marketing and campaigning schemes. Additionally, our consultants are well familiar with the market risk factors and the prerequisites for business registration, which otherwise could be a somewhat tedious and trying process. Hence we suggest you approach us. Goldman is the best place where you will find the solution for all your queries.

Starting your business in a Free Zone, additionally referred to as Free-trade Zone, you can rest assured that the place is solely created for the purpose of business encouragement. It does that by providing 100 percent ownership to the foreigner or expatriate. Doing business under this obvious agenda of a hassle-free, single window and trouble-free administration procedures in your designated area can single-handedly guarantee the success of your business even in the first years. Because UAE and Dubai are focused on nourishing their business atmosphere, they have the largest Free trade Zone pool, specially designed for a specific purpose. Hence it makes UAE the most popular designated Free Zone Area in the world.

Because every free Zone is often ruled by its internal regulatory framework for customs and import rules, you can be sure that these rules will always be followed strictly and rarely overlooked, even in special circumstances. Therefore, it can be very easy today to kick-off the formation of a corporation here in Dubai. All you have to do is trust Goldman Consultancy to provide you with what we do best, which is paying attention to the smallest details and deadlines to ensure a smooth and efficient procedure.

And if you’re worried about time, a free zone is also for you, as some of the businesses started in the free Zone are so quick that you can have the company formed and get a trade license also within 24 hours. With increasing AML and compliance requirements, still managing to process your papers and provide a response quickly and elaborately is one of the things we are also good at here at Goldman Consultancy. Lately, banks are getting slight difficulties across the globe while opening bank accounts. Additionally, free zone and offshore accounts in the UAE are also facing problems, and UAE is also facing the same challenge, which creates the perfect opportunity for your business to grow in a free zone area without all the hassle described above, which suits your company’s needs and manufactured products.

Once you open your business in Dubai, you’ve got sure and regular benefits associated with what is obviously a dream location. Dubai is one such location for company formation wherever you fancy many boundaries. Dubai and Abu Dhabi Freezone, Sharjah Freezone, and several big cities in UAE are home to many free zones, each with different conditions, industry types, and free zone agencies. Reading our quick guide to starting a business in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or UAE free zone, you may be tempted to think that starting a business in any free zone is an easy and quick process. Of course, in many ways, it’s easier and much smoother than regular business registrations outside of the free zone. However, like any project or business opportunity in the world, starting a business in Dubai free zone requires a lot of dedication, decision-making abilities, and persistence in the face of any adversity.

Our job at Goldman Consultancy will help you overcome these adversities and warn you of them beforehand. Because we understand the importance of the creative process for any business, we aim to provide you with a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere as you prepare your creative aspects like marketing, product branding, and so on. From the first meeting with Goldman Consultancy, you will be blown away by our high tech information gathering techniques, authentic sources, and correct and smooth carrying out of the rest of the system. Our motto is to always make sure to be aware of any risk factors, also while conducting extensive and inclusive studies about risk mitigation techniques, which we fully commit to in the face of a problem.

With Goldman Consultancy, you don’t need to worry if your business idea involves a lot of technical details. Our skill-diverse and 24/7 available team comprises world-renowned economic experts and experts from several fields of expertise like retail, engineering, etc., to make sure that we always have a top-notch professional to answer your specific questions while creating suitable and case-specific solutions.

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So what are you waiting for? Contact us for more details, and let’s begin this journey together.