2nd Passport by Investment Program
2nd Passport by Investment Program

2nd Passport by Investment Program

Being competitive enough the field of real estate has gained real surge. With this surge, people have not only started availing the benefits of their citizenship but most of the world business elites have started acquiring even second or third citizenship with the way of investment. What they need to follow is the correct plan and the protocols needed by the countries which follow citizenship by investment scheme.

More of the countries shave now started opening up this kind of opportunities which provides them foreign investment and in return provides citizenship opportunities to the people who are interested in gaining the citizenship. They include Cyprus, Austria, Russia, Nevis, St Kitts and Malta.

These kinds of opportunities are not only benefiting wealthy business people and commercial investors but it is also providing an advantage to the asylum seekers from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. These people are seeking citizenship in a safe and democratic country by means of citizenship by investment program. With the help of consultants, such people can get assistance then and there at an affordable price. These consultants know each and every minute detail about the 2nd CBI and can guide the people associated with the query.

Very best Second Citizenship Program

If you do not worry much about the money, these CBI schemes deliver EU citizenship and passport quickly with a minimum of residency requirements.

Very best Second Citizenship Program

  • Austria Citizenship: If you can afford anything between EUR 2 million to 10 million Austria route is the best way to attain EU passport. There are no residency requirements as such. These are the Gold Standard of Citizenship by Investment program.
  • Malta citizenship: Through this, you will be a part of EU and commonwealth at once. Malta is one of the commonwealth countries in EU. This is one of the smallest countries in Western Europe but the passport provides great opportunities for the investors.
  • Cyprus Citizenship:- It is now one of the most expensive yet most profitable passport attainment criteria where you need EUR 2 million in the CBI program. But if you want EU citizenship, with passport and membership of British Commonwealth, Cyprus CBI program is the best route.

Benefits of Second citizenship for asylum seekers

  • Taxation and banking:-It is quite normal that you are hammered by strict taxation rules by your native country. It therefore makes sense that you attain the citizenship of other countries that are more tax friendly and provides several benefits where you utilize your business resources and their banking and tax shelters. The Caribbean island nations are offering CBI programs with alternatives to safeguard their assets as well.
  • Freedom to work and travel:- another advantage of second citizenship is visa-free travel facility. It has been seen that more your passport is filled with visa-free travel destinations more credible you will be for the banks of those countries. All EU passport holders can travel without an issue throughout 28 nations with the right to travel, work and live with each and every right similar to EU citizens.

Benefits of Second citizenship to business people

  • For most asylum seekers the requirements by the CBI program makes it out of their reach but for those with necessary financial assets, it will be a new start with rights equal to its citizens. They can also get assistance from the agents associated to get the best guidance related to 2nd CBI.

Reading the above-mentioned criteria and benefits will give you a new way to take your business to a new level. Goldman consultancy will guide you in all your future investments. Our consultants are experts and are quite aware of the rules and norms being followed by various countries for 2nd citizenship by investment program. Second CBI is known to be critical in terms of membership but our company and agents will help you at each and every step. Our company and consultants will guide you regarding your investments in real estate and other financial assets. Our agents know the value of a business for every individual and hence consider every important aspect related to citizenship and 2nd CBI program. With the help of agents or consultants, it becomes very easy and comfortable to get the desired information at one point of time or feel free to call us +971 50 9811 300