US Green Card by Investment Scheme
US Green Card by Investment Scheme

US Green Card by Investment Scheme

USA green card

For getting the US citizenship it is important to understand US citizenship investment scheme and the procedure involved. With the help of USA green card visa investment consultants it would be easy for you to get the things right on track and on time.

Before the starting of immigration process, prospective EB5 must select the one of the three EB5 immigration options. Most of the time, consulting companies will help in making the selection. People who are willing to avail the services immigrants must register for project or regional centre of his or her choosing and must qualify as an accredited investor.

An accredited investor is the one having net worth of minimum of $ 1,000,000 or has made $200,000 for the previous 2 years.
I-526 has been prepared and filed by the attorney with the USCIS. It takes about 13 months to the USCIS to get the approval of an I-526.

Once the registration is done, the investor will get the project investment information including:-

  • Investment highlights and fact sheet
  • Investment offering documents
  • EB-5 immigration attorney referral list
  • All third party and supporting documents
  • Government approval documents

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It is mandatory for the investor to sign the subscription agreement and other similar documents. The investor must deposit an amount of $500,000 in the escrow account and need to pay subscription fees to the regional centre.

If I-526 is approved, the amount of $500,000 in the escrow account will be invested in real estate project unconditionally. But if I-526 is denied by USCIS then the entire $500,000 will be refunded to the investor from the escrow account.

Once the approval has been done, an interview will be held at US embassy or consulate for the EB-1 investor. The main purpose is to ensure that the investor and the family must undergo security, medical and immigration checks before the visas are issued. The investor will then be issued the green card/ visa.

After the completion of two years, the attorney files an I-829, petition to make the investor’s visa/green card permanent rather than conditional green card. Proper assistance will be provided to the attorney by the regional centre in the preparation of the application. The I-829 must be filed from 21st to 24th months after entering in the USA.

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After the approval of I-829 application, the investor will be eligible to get the permanent green card and will deem to be a permanent resident of the US. This gives the right to the investor to live and work in USA permanently.

After 5 years of issuance of the conditional green card, the investor can apply for US citizenship for himself and his family along with the maintenance of full investment in project.

All these procedures to get the U.S citizenship are known to Goldman consultancy. With the help of our USA green card consultants in Dubai, it will be easy for you to get the US citizenship by the virtue of US green card citizenship scheme.