Fujairah Free Zone

Company Formation in Fujairah Free Zone

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is an alliance of seven emirates. Fujairah is the fifth biggest emirate. It doesn’t have a coastline along the Persian Gulf and that imparts its fringes to the Gulf of Oman. It remains as a key point in its development.

FFZ being situated at a key position, Fujairah goes about as a multipurpose port and UAE’s solitary access to the Indian Ocean. The emirate covers a zone of 1,166 square kilometers. It positions itself among the main three bunkering areas on the planet. FFZ is a center point of the travel industry. It also holds shorelines and the Hajar Mountains.

Types of Licenses Offered

You should be clear about the business exercises that will be completed by your firm. This has to be clear before you even settle on building up your business firm in Fujairah. One must know that different trade licenses are advertised depending on the different business events.

  • Normal Trading
  • License General Trading
  •  Professional
  •  Industrial License
  • License National Industrial
  •  Warehousing License
  • License Consultancy/Service License

Advantages of Setting up a Company in Fujairah Free Zone

Most reduced Setup Cost

  • Foundation of a company requires an immense capital.
  • This announcement has been refuted by Fujairah.
  • Fujairah innovative free zone gives the adaptability of setting up a business with ease beginning from AED 5,000.

100% Tax Exemption


  • Tax is a cerebral pain that any business experiences. It turns into an obstruction in business foundation or development. In Fujairah, you don’t have to cover government tax.
  • This goes about as a gift for foreign financial specialists and mitigates them from the substantial weight of expense installment.

Physical Presence

  • Innovation assumes a key job now as it brought forth the idea of the virtual office. Physical presence isn’t commanded to join an organization in Fujairah.
  • For foreign financial specialists, No Objection Certificate (NOC) isn’t required.

Quick Process

  • Company documentation and business permit can be obtained within 7 days in Fujairah Free Zone on account of the simple application process

100% Repatriation of Capital and Profits

  • This turns into another in addition to point that gives the adaptability to foreign financial specialists.
  • This is to repatriate every one of the investments and benefits earned amid the business residency.

Various Residency Visas

  • In Fujairah Free Zone, there is no necessity of renting a physical office up to 6 UAE residency visas.

Variety of business types accessible

  • Perhaps the greatest driving variable behind Fujairah Free Zone Authority’s quick development is the extensive variety of permit types and business exercises that it permits.
  • It is home to businesses from a wide scope of ventures including manufacturing, distribution, and logistics.
  • FFZ itself issues generally exchanging, benefit/consultancy, project, land, money related administrations and even liquor and tobacco licenses.
  • Fujairah makes full utilization of its nearness to the Port of Fujairah and its huge warehouse space. This could be a factor in many import/send out organizations choosing it for their business so as to encourage this business.

Facilities at Fujairah Free Zone

  • Company formation in Fujairah free zone gives you the office of virtual workplaces.
  • Business setup in Fujairah free zone furnishes you with the Flexi-work area workplaces office.
  • Company set up in Fujairah free zone gives you an extensive variety of Warehouses
  • Business setup furnishes you with mainland office in Fujairah free zone
  • Company formation in Fujairah free zone furnishes you with the alternative of Representative/branch office
  • Business setup in Fujairah free zone gives custom manufactured units to address your issue

Administrative services

Fujairah Free zone authority is anxious to furnish regulatory support of its customers with production staff. Apart from that, this is to give speedy help in obtaining service from related Federal Ministries. This regards to license, enrolment, notarization of legal documents, passage grants, habitation visas, and travel and visits visas for entrepreneurs and their workers.