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Goldman Consultancy is the Leading business setup services provider in the United Arab Emirates. We provide expert-based business setup consultancy services for easier, faster company formation in Dubai Abu Dhabi and the Northern Emirates. Goldman Consultants offers a variety of Business setup options for those looking to establish or relocate a business to Dubai in the UAE. Goldman Consultancy makes the business setup Services process easy and hassle-free and our team provides dedicated support services beyond the company formation process / Business setup – allowing you to simply focus on your business. Get best advice and support from our Best business setup advisers/business setup consultants based in Dubai, UAE. Goldman Constants assisting local Entrepreneurs as well as International clients from Switzerland, Cyprus etc. for registering their Business for many years with us.
The UAE has an extensive diversity are business opportunities available for foreign investors, companies and aspiring entrepreneurs. The UAE government is very proactively encouraged FI and continually implement pro-business policies. With a growing and diversified economy, excellent state-of-the-art infrastructure, access to manpower, a friendly and open outlook to attracting global talent, the UAE remains open to entrepreneurship.

Why Setup a Business in Dubai?

Dubai is the most cosmopolitan city. As per the static data of UAE excess of 82%, the population is Expatriate. People are coming here as tourists and aspiring to be entrepreneurs and professionals who look for new experiences, business & career opportunities based on the diverse. Dubai is welcoming to all and gives you a lifetime experience through fabulous infrastructure and extreme personal safety assurance! The UAE offers the business setup segment to all the advantages of a highly developed economy which is AA rated economy which is biggest sovereign strength indicator.

For entrepreneurs & Start-ups, there are several options available in the seven Emirates of UAE (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras AL-Khaimah and Umm AL-Quwain. No Corporation tax, 100% repatriation of capital and profits is an unheard advantage. Trade easily locally in Dubai and UAE and GCC.

A destination which allows your company from any part of UAE, Hassle free and easiest on the earth visa processing for a resident category unless you carry a serious threat. Employees, Flexibility to choose office locations anywhere in Dubai, Relaxed procedures to get license and registration in Dubai is quick and fast, No currency restrictions in Dubai Mainland company. To set up the right legal structure and to register a company in Dubai you can always talk to our Business setup consultant expert online.

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Why Choose Goldman Consultancy for BUSINESS SETUP IN DUBAI, UAE?

  1. Reliable Solutions for Innovative Business Setup in Dubai and UAE Consultations offered free of charge, intended to give you unbiased advice on how to set up your company irrespective of setup decision we believe to give a complete picture before you take the most valuable decision of your life.
  2. Top-tier business setup services from industry-leading professionals
  3. Dedicated multi-language speaker Account Manager to handle all your company documentation and keep you up to date on the incorporation process.
  4. Access to prestigious business centers in Downtown Dubai, Business Bay, and Dubai Marina Areas if you desired to do so exclusive client marketing and networking platform.
  5. A team of highly qualified Business setup consultants speaking in different languages and highly skilled and in business from more than 10 years + experience across all UAE jurisdictions including Free Zones, Mainland and Offshore to help you in an easy business setup in Dubai, UAE.
  6. Customized solutions providing tailor-made packages and smart solutions regarding business setup services in Dubai. Simplified and fast-track business set-up processes.
  7. Efficient in everything. We do seamless and fast delivery of Business setup services in Dubai, UAE.
  8. DIVERSIFICATION Expertise. We are expert in Wide-ranging industries, sectors, and activities regarding Business setup services in Dubai. Choice of free zone and non-free zone entity.
  9. COST-EFFECTIVENESS Business Setup Service: Delivering affordable premium solutions regarding Business Setup Services in Dubai.
  10. Professional team members, end-to-end solutions Hi-Tech and Real-Time Business Setup Support Services Through our extensive information, we’ll help you maximize your resources and assets, ensuring deadlines are met and costs are kept to a minimum.
  11. Our PRO and PRO specialists will manage all requirements for starting a company in Dubai, Sharjah, and the Northern Emirates, including paperwork and documentation, so you can focus on growing your business and creating revenue. We work closely with all government agencies.
  12. Being a Professional Business management consultant in Dubai, we are the master of an endless amount of information while formulating the Business setup solution across UAE, We promise you don’t have to pay for consultancy services if you are not satisfied with our service.

Easy  Business Setup Services Process

  • Customize your package regarding business setup services
  • Submit application & documents regarding business setup services
  • Receive your business Setup license in a few days

With the above-mentioned benefits, Goldman consultancy will definitely go to assist you with the best possible way to set up your business.

Dubai has been undoubted stands out among one of the most desired business destinations. Considering the growth rate of the country, income ratio, and other factors, the city has turned into a magnet which is attracting investors from around the world. Entrepreneurs across the globe and evolving talent would definitely be benefited from this corporate investment trend in Dubai. Call us or send us your query for more details regarding business set up on the contact us.

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