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All the Reasons Why You Should Invest in the UAE

business setup in Dubai

UAE is a commercial juggernaut of not just Western Asia, but of the entire world. Over the years, many foreign investors have reaped the rewards of their investments in the country. As a result, the country ranks among the top foreign direct investment (FDI) recipients in the world.

If you are looking towards a business setup in Dubai, here are all the reasons why you should invest as soon as you can!

The Government’s Attitude

The Government’s Attitude
The UAE government is incredibly open to foreign investors, and it has no problems with a diversified economic structure. As a result, investors can be successful in various sectors such as banking, real estate, service, and agriculture. The government has also assisted investors over the years with some of its policies and programs. The most recent example is the Smart Dubai initiative that aims to make the company setup process easier for foreign investors with modern infrastructure and amenities.

Free Zone Availability

Free Zone Availability Dubai
Not every country in the world has free-trade zones. However, UAE has close to 40 free zones, which make it extremely attractive for investors. A free zone allows investors to have complete ownership over their businesses, and there are several tax benefits that they can enjoy as well. Not every type of business is allowed to be established within the free zones, but if your business is eligible, there is nothing quite like it.

Development of Certain Sectors

Development of Certain Sectors UAE
While there are already several sectors of the economy that are ideal for foreign investors, there are many others that are still on the rise. In the future, sectors such as tourism and logistics too are bound to become big contributors to the nation’s economy, and investing in them is sure to bring a lot of success to investors in the long run.

Absence of Taxes

Investors often shy away from a lot of potential investments simply because of the tax issues involved. Tax laws in many countries are strict, and their rigid structures force many investors to look elsewhere for opportunities. However, in the UAE, investors are not required to pay any taxes. The complete absence of tax related responsibilities ensures greater returns for investors, and of course, lesser headaches.

Absence of Taxes
All in all, the UAE makes for a dream investment destination. However, business setup in Dubai and the rest of the UAE is made much easier by us at Goldman Consultancy Dubai. Boasting of some of the finest business consultants who have helped numerous investors to set up their companies in the UAE, we look forward to assisting you as well.