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What tends Freezone company setup in Gulf Region

Freezone company setup

Dubai is one of the easiest places to register a company. Dubai offers many advantages which are why many foreign investors who open companies here constantly grow. Entrepreneurs have different options for business setup in Dubai free zone and different kinds of legal entities to choose from

You can start your business within the Emirate or even in one of its free zones. Dubai has more than 20 operational free zones and others in the development phase.

Types of Companies Accessible in Dubai Free Zones

Foreign enterprises can work as sole traders or can select to register a free zone limited liability company. Foreign companies might establish free zone companies with branch offices or a corporate shareholder. The following licenses are available to set up in Dubai’s free zones:

  • Trading licenses
  • General trading licenses
  • Industrial licenses
  • National industrial licenses
  • Service licenses

Enjoy Special Benefits of Free Zone Company Setup in Dubai

Benefits of Free Zone Company Setup

  • 100% ownership of the business
  • No taxes
  • Easy to employ staff
  • 3 years visas for staff, investors, and family members
  • Import/export activities
  • Fast-track clearance of documents
  • 100% repatriation of profits and revenue
  • Documentation is less
  • Long-term leasing options easily available at great terms to the investors
  • Workforce and recruitment process is faster, simplified, and cheaper
  • Easy availability of housing, immigration, labour, legal, and other facilities
  • 100% free transfer of funds

Choose License Type for Business Setup in Dubai

Each free zone has its own kind of licenses. The activities are same but the names of licenses are different.

Trading & Commercial

Trading & Commercial
You can do trading, import, and export. You cannot trade directly with Dubai market. For doing it, you need to appoint an agent or distributor registered in the UAE. You might get engaged in activities such as repairing, contracting, renting, shops, maintenance, restaurants, and others.


professional service
You can do professional services that are specified in the trade license. It might be any type of business, management, professional services, industrial consultancy, or real estate consulting in some free zones. You can do activities such as exhibition or event organization, advertising, cleaning services, etc.

industrial license
An industrial license simply allows you to carry out the manufacture of particular products, import raw materials, and export finished products.


A logistics license makes you able to engage in logistic services such as warehousing, cargo, packing, storage, distribution, and trans-shipment.

It is recommended to take the help of expert consultants while business setup in Dubai free zone. Goldman Consultancy makes you aware of every legal procedure. We offer outstanding services that would make your business setup quite easier at an affordable cost. You can make call or email to get in contact with our consultants for the desired Freezone business Setup.