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Dubai Hits the Number 29 on the List of Ideal Cities for Start-Ups

Dubai ranks as best city for start-ups

Dubai is a dynamic city which is home to several corporate sectors and business houses at large. A study carried out last year has ranked the city at the number 29 for starting new and successful ventures. This index known as the Start up Cities Index has figured out about 85 top cities which are perfect for setting up new companies and businesses.

This comparative index uses five vital variables in assessing the viability of a location to find out how worthy it is for professionals to start their venture. The major points which are evaluated in the process are the ecosystem for the start up, social security, and salary benefits of the place, quality and cost of living index of the location. On the analysis of these points, the index specifies the most worthy business locations of the world.

Why Has Dubai Been Able To Bag The Ranking Of The 29th Place?

It is no surprise that Dubai is the most deserving city and thus has been able to hit this position on the list. It has several facilities to offer to the business houses for which people look forward to in setting up their venture. Here are some valid reasons which make Dubai one of the most worthy options for start-ups:
starting a business in the Emirates

The government policies governing the local as well as the national aspects of the Emirates have facilitated the development of both start-up and SMEs.

The support network of the city is also quite favourable for both small businesses and entrepreneurs. The legal and financial aid offered by the city is quite helpful for the new companies. Moreover, Dubai offers huge exposure for the development of a company on an overall basis.

The concentration of several businesses in Dubai also entails huge competition among them. This is quite beneficial for the companies as each one puts in their best to establish their position in the market. The companies concentrate more developing their own brand name by applying various sustainable marketing strategies.

Dubai also assures quick returns on investments made by businessmen. There are no pressures of personal and corporate taxes in the city which makes returns even more promising. Acquiring the professional license for starting a business in the Emirates has now become quite simplified which is also an added advantage for the businessmen.

expert consultants for new business

The city has many expert consultants who help the aspiring businessmen in every aspect to set up their new ventures at the destination. One such renowned company offering professional assistance to businessmen is the Goldman LLC Dubai. Our proficient team assists in the formation of new companies starting from preparing documents, fulfilling the requirements of banking services, visa application process, support for VAT and tax registrations and much more.